Rather than fly on the Antonov transports (with the cars) in order to deter more sabotage, Team Polizei chose to remain with the other Gumballers and take the Iceland Air 757 to Phuket. Then, in a death blow to the other Gumballer’s hopes for sleep, Team Polizei took charge of Gumball’s charitable efforts by forcing the planeload of exhausted Gumballers, all on an 11 hour flight from Belgrade to Phuket (via Abu Dhabi), to remove and sign their Gumball-branded Boeing 757 seatback headrests.

Each headrest will be auctioned off at rally’s end to raise money for one of several charities suggested by the highly medicated Gumballers, howevever, both Ross and Roy fell asleep before Gumball Founder Maximillion Cooper could inform them of his choice.

Tony Hawk, Bam Margera & Ryan Dunn led the celebrity packed group, but it was Intersection Magazine’s Yorgo Tloupas who created the most artistic design, drawing an unexpectedly accurate picture of his 1972 Porsche 911 RSR. If no one bids on it, Roy will. More to follow on where and when these unique Gumballers mementos can be bid on…

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