02.05.06 09:28
Porsche, RS6 and a Rolls…
Clutch of RS6 got fucked. New support Rolls Royce Phantom crashed, very fucked here, no injuries.

Update: Team 15, the camouflage Rolls Royce Phantom just crasched into a barrier in the road and suffered severe damges, currently it is a fire in the engine bay. Chaos.

-Tango & Sten

02.05.06 09:27
On our way again..
Plan is car is now on truck on way 2 Belgrade airport, mechanic will check car there so spares can b shipped 2 Phuket. We r in serbian support Audi RS6 doing 270km/h to make it to the lunch :)
Thanks to all serbian support !!

-Tango & Sten

02.05.06 09:26
Bad news…
Team hit 312km/h on 2 way trafficroad in Hungary and Serbia. As top3 we were
stopped by serbian police with laser showing 224km/h. It ended with a handshake and the comment:
“serbian police, no problem!!” Then after 5 minutes we blew the engine… waiting for towtruck now..

-Tango & Sten

02.05.06 08:19

02.05.06 07:18
And were off again
After few minutes of sleep, we departed from Budapest, will be at Belgrade shortly.

02.05.06 00:18
Budapest Party
Moulin Rouge at Budapest were hot. The cuban brothers rocked the house and party was wild. Now few hours sleep before the start for next stop in Belgrade. Cars will start between 6-7am

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