Tork GT

It is 5:am, April 28th 2006 and the big race is only hours away. We have prepared the car, installed some new hardware, tested out equipment and we are race ready!

The last few days in a secret location we have been preparing the vehicle for Torquenstein with all the necessary equipment needed to be a contended in this years Gumball. We have some tough competition but we hope to place well to satisfy our fans. We picked up the vehicle from the auto transport and it is hidden deep in our secret laboratory waiting to be displayed in Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Come down and see the Torquenstein GT. There is a rumor that Tork and I, (Dr Gruene) will be somewhere in the city of London Saturday enjoying our time away from the laboratory.

We have met some of the other teams of both veterans and green horns and we are all looking forward to the race. We met team a Team Dezastion from Flordia on our long journey into London the other day and they will be assisting us with some logistics this year! A big thanks from Tork to Team Dezastion, new to Gumball but eager to win! We had a meet and greet with a big fan this evening and got some great information out. We shared some top secret information with some of the other Gumballers 2 days ago and that should give us a huge edge over the competition. We have some inside info on the US part of the rally! More details to come after the story develops!

I have attached a picture of the cockpit of the new GT. Some of the picture has been altered as to keep certain parts of the car top secret! We look forward to seeing everyone at the car display this coming Saturday and throught London. Also be sure to come for the launch of the rally on Sunday. Also, for all the fans along the rout fo the rally, come out and visit us at the check points and help us win this years Gumball 3000!

Dr Gruene, Mad-Scientists. MD, PHD

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