Team Tango

Today we had an interview with one of the drivers. This time Tango of Team 63 anwsered our questions! If there’s anything you would really like to know about the drivers tell us!

Tell us Tango, who’s your co-driver?

Sten Kristien

What car are you driving in this year Gumball?

A 2003 996TT Modified to 500bhp

Do you have any special gadgets in your car?

We have latest Jammers and Detectors as well as our charm and good looks

What preparations did you take for Gumball?

We are both experience Endurance racers with 1000s of miles of roads covered at insane speeds.

Do you have any special outfits?

Yes, we have team uniforms and a special outfit for the start in London

Did you participate in Gumball before?

I have not but sten my copilot has

What car did he do the previous Gumballs in?

BMW M roadster

What’s his best experience from previous Gumballs?

Best ask sten..!!!

How did you find out about the Gumball?

I have been a fan since the start in 1999

Why did you decide to join the craziest rally on earth?

I love to drive, and sten and myself wanted to be apart of the 2006 GB as it is ground breaking travelling round the world with so amazing people and cars.

What’s more important to you the driving or the partying and why?

I believe the whole event is important, one does not go without the other, you do the gumball for the partying and you go also for the driving experience.

Are you aiming for a special Gumball award?

We are aiming to have the time of our lives, if we get an award then it would be the icing on the cake..

Are you competing for the win?

We always compete to win!

Who’s your favorite Gumballer?

I admire Alex Roy, he is a true racer

What’s your favorite Gumball car?

I Loved the enzo from 2005

What was your first car?

MG Midget 2 seater sports car, but it was crap, i blew 3 engines 4 clutches and sold it in a box after 2 years for £500

What car would you like to have next?

997 Turbo is the dogz nutz

What’s the biggest fine you ever had?

£1000 and 6 weeks ban

Do you have a drivers license?

Well if i didn’t i would not be in the gumball now would I.

Do you think you still have one after the Gumball?

I have several so they can’t take all of them i hope.

Have you participated in any other rallies like Gumball?

I have competed in several Topspeed challenges and have driver in the Drivers Run last year when everyone got arrested in germany, but we managed to escape and run for the border..

What would you like to say to your fellow Gumballers?

Expect the unexpected, but remember the spirit of the gumball, help will always be given as gumballers travel along.

What do you want the fans to do when they see you?

Cheers as load as they can and maybe they will receive a gift

Any other comments?

We have a live chat room running on our website, during the rally we will be online to give gumball fans the very latest news photos and gossip as it happens

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