The Ultimate Rally is postponed until 2007. Read the full story here:

Dear UR Drivers and Fans,

The UR will not take place as planned in August 2006. The UR will not take place before 2007.

This delay is the reason why we did not collect the remaining starting fees from our participants yet.

It is the first time we are organizing an event of this magnitute and we have encountered several problems. Some of which are impossible to overcome.

For example: We will not be able to run a cross border event trough several countries for safety reasons. The UR will take place in “only one country”. The likeliness of accidents in our event is extremely high and we have to make sure that all of our participants can receive sufficient emergency support in case of accidents. We have to ensure the highest standards of security and support for our participants.

We take full responsibility for these changes and will offer every participant, support car drivers and guest pass owner a full refund. On February 15th we are going to launch more detailed information about all changes on the UR website and in this forum. Everyone who does not agree with those changes can request a refund in a special online form. Refunds will be issued by Paypal or wire transfer within 10 days after receipt of the refund request.

Until then please be patient. I am aware that these are unsatisfactory developments but changes are necessary for the UR to happen. Let me assure you one more time: I want the UR to happen and it will happen. It is a big responsibility to organize such a dangerous event involving hundreds of individuals and I am taking this responsibility seriously.

All the best to all of you for 2006. Happy new year.


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  1. hi guys im 20 and my 3 mates are 20, 19,19 and we are from united kingdom! we want to enter the gumball 3000 2007? we have the money we have the car we just need to get in. could you help us please
    cheers craig


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