BMW M5 vs Audi RS4

This is one of the maddest street racing videos online! It is filmed from inside a E39 BMW M5 on the Moscow ringroad. Traffic is massive but he manages to keep the blue Audi RS4 insight…

Must see!

Story by the M5 driver in the video:

So, I am on my way to work from a BMW dealer, where I picked up my Shaft CAM Sensor…Coming to a Land Rover dealer to see if they’ve got brochures of a NEW Discovery…I want to buy it for winter…No brochures yet…

Coming out of the dealer and what I see 2 RS4’s with 760i behind them with government plates…taking left to Moscow Ring road…I’ve seen those RS4’s before and I know they are modded…I jump in the car and in 2 min I catch up with them…Blue RS4 in front, Silver follows him and 760i at the back…

Over take him and the BLUE RS4 spots me, black smoke from exhausts and the chase begins…He follows me but gets lost in traffic, I wait for him and he catches up and them I follow him and take a video…

Well, the RS4 was MTM tuned… when I spoke to the guy later… he probably does not know anything about his car…

Watch it:

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  1. The owner is talking like he beat the audi…if your m5 is stock and there was no traffic…the rs4 would destroy u! the only slight advantage the bmw would be a hole shot..but as soon as the audi was at the top second gear you wood be seeing tail tail lights

  2. alan
    it’s not the car, it’s the driver. any dumbass can put his foot in it in a straight line. it is traffic and corners that separate the men from the boys. m5 guy made better traffic decisions (toward the end).

  3. great video,traffic is so slow nowadays.
    Audi is pulling away like a rocket from M5, your just too slow.4WD and Turbo is the way to go man!

  4. LOL @ zeeshan malik.

    I bet you ain’t even got your drivers license, arrogant twat.

    If you really could do, you wont have mentioned it here, with your cheap asian car :)

  5. lol @ not having my license, but i dont mind being a little arrogant :) – and it is a cheap asian car haha i accept that, but we all cant have ferraris now can we, atleast not yet

  6. You say that Audi pulls away like a rocket.
    It’s lighter (and tuned). But watch this video carefully. After about 5 seconds M5 is catches
    RS4. To sum up – RS4 is faster at the second gear, but afterwards… :)

  7. Bloody hell! That is some gr8 driving but like Bjay said the M5 catches up with the RS4 in a matter of seconds. But still, not bragging or anything but my dad can do a hell of a lot more with his 911 lol :)

  8. In the parts where the audi pulled off you could clearly see the BMW shifted gear at the wrong time and the Audi was infront so he had the choice of when to run for it,as was said 5 secs later he was back on him…..why the bias,good vid…

  9. There were some odd gear changes performed by the M5 driver! Not sure what they were about.

    Anywyas, one of the craziest vids aroubd, glad the Audi ‘won’!

  10. too bad 2006 rs4 has V8, are all those year wagons? anyways both cars are badass. awesome vid.

    u guys should rent/buy/dl any “mischief” dvds u can find they are as cool as this. there are 5 dvds. they have on netflix

  11. This is by far the best clip of 2006!! RS4..can’t wait voor the V8.
    The M5 is too heavy.The boxer and the ice skater.. poor judgement of the M5 driver in the begining if he shifted more alert the RS4 wasn’t toying with him..

  12. “Bloody hell! That is some gr8 driving”

    Ummmm, what – darting in and out of traffic like a pair of twats.

    Dont think so somehow. If you get closer you see they are 5ft 2! tall 17 yr lads wearing a baseball cap backwards – think the M5 driver is now dead.

  13. the audi really rockets faster, but even the beemer is not a car to scoff at, the beemer guy catches up in no time. And one more thing the rs4 was ahead so could take decisions anytime, the bmw was following so it had to calculate and then drive fast, any ways the beemer guy had some awesome driving moves.
    i love the m5 its the best car ever built.
    although the rs4 is also good however my heart goes to the m5.

    Btw the beemer guy should be havin more vids like these. i hope he posts more vids sooooon

  14. All you guys that blab how good you could have done it, over-analyze every second of video and blab who is best and what mistakes what driver did. And how good your dads could do it– you are all full of shit.

    If you are so good the cut the bullshit, hit the road, film it and bring it over here. Bullshit walks, money talks.

  15. I guess you guys wouldn’t be saying the driving was that great if he’d clipped a lorry and ended up killing a few people.

    Crap like this gives car enthusiasts a bad name.

  16. Gauntlet thrown down here….

    Anyone this they can keep up with me (the Audi) then say so now….and I will personally invite you and your car to the road where this was taken for a ‘streetrace’. Race for ownership?

  17. I really like to know how you faked this video? i bet you had a camera on a motorcycle and made some tricks with cinema 4d putting a car interior in front?!


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