Today we spend some time improving the site. Here are the features we implented:

  • Poll added in the sidebar
    We have added a poll on the lower part of the side bar on the right of your screen. From now on we will post a new poll every 2 weeks and keep you posted about the results of the polls.
  • New top images
    The topbar wasn’t that great. That’s why we made a few new banners and put them in rotation. So everytime you load a new page it will show a random Gumball 3000 photo.
  • New email for tips
    We have opened a new email account dedicated to all your link tips. Feel free to tell us any car and gumball related news and media you think is worth mentioning on this website. Suggestions for a new poll are also welcome. You can send your tips to
  • Stay tuned for more!

    The team!


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