Top Gear Season 7 episode 5

This sunday, 11 december 2005, at 8PM GMT a new episode of Top Gear will hit your TV at BBC2. This weeks episode promises to be very special!

Gentlemen, buckle-up and start your engines. It’s time for the big race. This week the boys attempt Top Gear’s biggest ever trans-European duel. And what better weapon could Jezza choose than the world’s fastest car – the Bugatti Veyron. But if you think Richard and James don’t stand a chance, fear not. Mr May has an ace up his sleeve.

Also, the Stig goes to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to test a pair of Porsches. The Top Gear guest this week is gardening supremo Alan Titchmarsh. But can he handle the Liana as well as he handles a trowel?

A little preview of the Bugatti Veyron by Jeremy Clarkson:

On a recent drive across Europe I desperately wanted to reach the top speed but I ran out of road when the needle hit 240mph. Where, astonishingly, it felt planted. Totally and utterly rock steady. It felt sublime.

Not quiet, though. The engine sounds like Victorian plumbing — it looks like Victorian plumbing as well, to be honest — and the roar from the tyres was biblical. But it still felt brilliant. Utterly, stunningly, mind blowingly, jaw droppingly brilliant.

And then I reached the Alps where, unbelievably, it got better. I expected this road rocket to be absolutely useless in the bends but it felt like a big Lotus Elise.

Other cars are small guesthouses on the front at Brighton and the Bugatti is the Burj Al Arab. It makes even the Enzo and the Porsche Carrera GT feel slow and pointless. It is a triumph for lunacy over common sense, a triumph for man over nature and a triumph for Volkswagen over absolutely every other car maker in the world.

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