The Ferrari Enzo was and actually still is an amazing supercar. But Ferrari managed to make the Enzo look like a Golf GTI compared to their new Ferrari FXX. Not only in ways of performance, specs and design but also in exclusivity. Only 20 Ferrari FXX’s will be made and they are definatly hard to get.

If you bring enough money you might be the lucky one to buy this brand new Ferrari FXX at ebay. Last auction the buyers reserve was not met at $2.350.500. In this new auction the current bid is well over $2.000.000 dollar which is allready a great $200k more then the expected sale price of the Ferrari FXX at $1.800.000. As you can see exclusivity really has it’s price!

A swedish TV program filmed the FXX arround the Sturup Raceway in Sweden. The track isn’t the best track to show the full potential of the FXX because the corners are very quick after each other and there is no long straight but it’s nice to see some incar footage and hear the sound of the engine.

Watch the video (streaming media)

Ferrari FXX


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