I just found this on another blog:

Brian Arner brings us the item below. Didn’t Canada just put the brakes on government?

Brian posts part of an article:

Transport Canada is road-testing cutting-edge devices that use global positioning satellite technology and a digital speed-limit map to know when a driver is speeding, and to try to make them stop.

When a driver hits a certain percentage above the posted speed limit, the device kicks in and makes it difficult to press the accelerator.

While the idea appeals to some road-safety experts, even the researcher in charge of the project admits many drivers — some of whom have shown fierce resistance to photo-radar and red-light cameras — may balk at the science-fiction scenario of a machine forcing them to apply the brakes.

“We are trying to assess the operational acceptance issues,” said Peter Burns, chief of ergonomics and crash avoidance with Transport Canada’s road safety directorate.

Then Brian opines:

“Operational acceptance issues”–that’s a cute way of saying we’ll need to see a culture shift for these to be accepted. I’m a relatively “slow” driver, and even I’m not too keen on the concept.

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