If you had asked us a few months ago whether or not Nissan would ever make a GT-R Hybrid, the answer would have been an emphatic no.

Now, according to a report by Car and Driver, Nissan may be readying just such a car. Thanks to a little sleuthing, Car and Driver was able to uncover a recent trademark application for the “R-Hybrid” designation.

While the R-Hybrid designation by itself could easily mean an R version of another car, as Nissan has done in the past, C&D seems to think otherwise. The boys at C&D compared the font style and shape of the “R” to that used in the GT-R logo. And, according to them, they are a dead match.

The Nissan Juke-R was also thrown out as a possibility, but further investigation shows that the font on the GT-R is of the serif variety, while previous “R” badges on the Altima and Sentra have used a sans serif font.

But then again, it could just be Nissan refreshing the look of their “R” branding to match more closely with the GT-R. Head on over to Car and Driver for the full rundown. Interesting stuff, indeed.

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