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Official Expression Bodykits for 2012 ML63, E-Class and SLK

Official: Expression Bodykits for 2012 ML63, E-Class and SLK

Belgian tuning company Expression Motorsport is a new member to our front page specialized in Mercedes-Benz cars and bodykits. Today, they released a styling...

Expression Motorsport Mercedes E-Class Coupé

As a German sports coupé, you would have expected the E-Class Coupé to have attracted a little more attention from German tuners than it...

Geneva 2010: Brabus E V12 Coupé Live

At Geneva Brabus has unveiled the E V12 Coupé based on the E-Class Coupé. The Germans have added the Mercedes twelve-cylinder twin-turbo engine from...

Geneva 2010: Brabus E V12 and E V12 Coupé

Brabus presents something new at almost every main motorshow. Usually it is based on a Mercedes and pushes the car even further towards insanity...

Brabus Mercedes E-class Coupe

The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe just went on sale and BRABUS already presents an full tuning program for the new two-door. Their main achievement...

Spyshots: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Today new spyshots of the upcoming Mercedes CLK successor, the E-class Coupe, were made in the Dutch city of Maastricht. Mercedes is lifts the...