Supercar Driver

Supercar Driver is mulit-marque club for owners of Supercars based in the UK. We organise bespoke events which are member exclusive and focus on enjoying the cars as intended.
We have at least 2 events per month as well as annual events such as the Secret Supercar Meet, European Tour, M6 Toll Charity Event, Supercars in the City, SCD Chomondoley Run and Best v Rest Runway Day.

Supercar Driver Winter Meeting 2013

Gallery: Supercar Driver Winter Meet 2013 in United Kingdom

More than fifty Supercar Driver members attended the first breakfast meet of 2013 in the UK last week. They travelled from various directions to...

Video: Lamborghini Reventon Spotted in the UK caught a glimpse of the only Lamborghini Reventon Coupe in the UK. The Lamborghini Reventon debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. It...

Supercar Driver Lakes Run 2012

GTspirit fan and reader Adam Kennedy was invited on the Lakes Run by last weekend so he took his Porsche 997 GT2 and...
Secret Supercar Meet in United Kingdom

Video: Secret Supercar Meet in United Kingdom

The first part of the official Secret Supercar Meet video has now been released. The event happened last weekend, organised by SupercarDriver and ended...
Supercar Driver Graypaul Nottingham Meet

Awesome Secret Supercar Meet in United Kingdom!

Occasionally you get one of those supercar meetings that blows you away. More recently we've seen examples in China and Japan. Today we have...