There’s a new semi-slick tyre that is designed for carmakers aiming to highlight the performance of their most sporting models, this is the Pirelli Trofeo RS, a technical evolution of the extremely popular P Zero Trofeo R.The P Zero Trofeo R was originally designed as an aftermarket tyre to improve on-track performance, whilst the P Zero Trofeo RS is designed to be original equipment, giving manufacturers the chance to supply cars which are primed for a sporty driving experience straight out of the dealership.

These enhanced Pirelli tires of the latest generation provide superior performance on dry surfaces and increased consistency. They maintain their performance for extended periods, enabling higher speeds and safety across multiple track sessions. This achievement is a direct result of Pirelli’s vast expertise in premier motorsport categories. The tire’s composition, particularly the tread pattern compound, fully utilizes this knowledge and adapts it for both road and amateur track applications. Additionally, as these tires are the designated equipment for road-legal hypercars and supercars, Pirelli’s engineers have also prioritized safety on wet roads.

Pirelli’s dedicated research and development team has successfully incorporated a range of groundbreaking technologies into the P Zero Trofeo RS tires. These advancements are a direct result of the company’s involvement in elite motorsport competitions. Pirelli offers a diverse portfolio of tire options that can be customized to meet the precise requirements defined by manufacturers for each specific vehicle model.

One notable technology is the Multi-compound Tread, which enables the personalization of tires to complement the unique characteristics of each car. By utilizing various tread pattern compounds from Pirelli’s Prestige catalogue, the tires can be tailored accordingly. For the Pagani Utopia, P Zero Trofeo RS tires were specifically requested to enhance performance in extreme sports driving without compromising the car’s balance or the driver’s experience. This achievement was made possible through careful selection of compounds, particularly focusing on high-performance options for the rear tires to deliver speed and safety on the track while maintaining ease and predictability on the road.

Pirelli’s engineers also utilized Virtual Geometry Development, allowing them to evaluate numerous profiles and footprints through virtual modeling. This process ensured precise assessment of the tire’s response to driver inputs.

Extensive virtual development, including thorough work on the contact patch, was conducted for the Pagani Utopia before physical prototypes were tested on the track. This meticulous approach aimed to provide optimal grip and control.

The new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires are already available as original equipment for specific vehicles, and a wide range of aftermarket options will be offered in the future. The P Zero Trofeo R will continue to be available in a specific selection of sizes. We look forward to putting Pirelli’s latest high performance offering to the test very soon!

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