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Photographers Eye: GT4 RS & 992 GT3 RS – Is The GT3 RS Too Complicated?

Those who read GTspirit regularly probably need no introduction to these two siblings. Even those who are not into Porsche know when something has GT and RS on their bottoms that these are the most hard-core editions of the models on which they are based: there is no exception here with the GT3 RS and the GT4 RS.

I was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time, of course it’s never enough for these types of things, but let’s not be greedy! The most important conclusion for me from this little affair is that their hearts may be similar, but these two have very distinctive personalities to be dealt with.

The GT4 RS is something that I did not know we need after the GT4, but now we know all this is as car we all wish to experience. With all the adjustable elements in the GT3 RS available the GT4 RS almost feels outdated or simple, but that’s OK no one wanted an in-house competition between the two in Stuttgart, the two very different. I was not able to drive the 4RS on a closed track where it belongs, but from the short drive I enjoyed on Austria’s public roads I can confirm that the car is alive and very much capable while it’s doing everything to please your senses. The other incredible feature, well actually both cars, is the PDK transmission… it’s amazing how gearboxes have evolved over the years. It would be my choice, even in a GT4 which can be optioned with a manual.

If you are still with me after the way I talked about the PDK, well let me continue with the GT3 RS. Many of the adjustable gadgets make the car an extremely capable track took but only having a few hours with it does not allow you the opportunity to explore all of its configurability, probably not even if you own it?! I understand the point of being able to set damping and rebound etc. but it might just be me (getting old) who would get lost in all the settings before eventually starting to seek advice online in facebook groups mumbling to myself in front of the monitor about what the best settings for a certain track are. This is where the world is heading, I understand that, but there was something ‘romantic’ about having to tinker with lesser levels of modifications or physical adjustments to your car before you headed to the track on a track day. Don’t get me wrong not complaining and still admiring the car for what it is, also believe it was able to set that already high bar to the next level, and honestly “salut” to Porsche to essentially putting a race car on the street, I can hardly think of anything like it that is so driven by aero and function in this league.

Words and Images: Peter Mosoni



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