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2022 992 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Review

You know the drill, right? Aside from a few surprise special editions, the Porsche 911 range is as predictable as the British weather. Typically, the last model of the Carrera range is the GTS which first appeared in the 997.2 generation. Since then, it has always been considered a Carrera with all of the options you would want thrown into a Carrera S. The tried and tested formula has always proven popular and is the go to option for many – the 992 is selling well and it is likely that the GTS will only add to the strength of the portfolio.

The GTS is available in a multitude of combinations that may look daunting to anyone who is not a seasoned spec pro. The significant decisions are body style and transmission – Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa and PDK or manual will likely define the other options buyers choose. Whichever combination you opt for, you’ll find the a turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six which packs 473bhp, 30bhp up on the 444bhp S and 93 over the 380bhp base Carrera, but still a reasonable chunk away from the 3.7-litre Turbo which puts out a punchy 572bhp in base form.

The being said, the GTS does borrow from its bigger brother. You may recognise the centre-lock wheels, they are straight off of the Turbo, as are the brakes, springs and dampers, the latter of which have been retuned to suit the lighter GTS. These are significant changes, they transform the way the GTS goes down the road as the ride quality and damping are superb and for more resolved and compliant than other Carreras, a pleasant surprise.

Depending on how you spec your GTS, it will behave in different ways. This Carmine Red, manual, rear-wheel-drive GTS is possibly how I would have my own if I was lucky enough to be ticking the options boxes. The manual may not be the most rewarding with its extremely light clutch pedal and shifter action, but it means that this is not a gearbox that gives you an excuse to skip leg day. The entire car feels more, sporty, sharp and connected than other Carreras – one significant reason is the reduction in sound deadening in the cabin which brings a different element of character to the engine.

The 3.0-litre really makes its presence known in the GTS. There are three distinct stages to the power delivery that provide much entertainment. At 3,000 and 5,000rpm the car really comes to life and pulls hard, this is a turbocharged engine that goads you to hang on until you reach the redline – something that cannot be said for many forced induction engines these days.

The cabin in full ‘GTS’ spec is awash with plenty of carbon and alcantara/racetex complimented by matching Carmine stitching. The infotainment system remains unchanged and remains a delight to use. The ‘lightweight design package’ will soon be available in the UK – this collection of options is comprised of one-piece carbon fibre seats from the GT3, lightweight glass for the side and rear widows, a lithium battery, even less sound deadening, four-wheel-steering and the removal of the rear seats. As great as this package sounds, I personally feel it takes away from the well-rounded nature and dailyness of the GTS, but as previously mentioned, the GTS can be configured to be the car that you want it to be.

The GTS stands out as being on of the best and most capable sports cars available today. The variety in configurations means it will appeal to many, the parts that are exclusive to the GTS amongst the Carrera range are all the options that you wish you could have and that makes the GTS range extremely appealing. Porsche continue to develop the 992 range and it appears to go from strength-to-strength. A fantastic car.



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