Aston Martin, The Little Car Company and EON productions announced the launch of the special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior inspired by the 25th James Bond film No Time To Die. The film will be released in cinemas from 30th September.

The special edition model will pay homage to both the Aston Martin and 007 brands with Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, individually numbered chassis plates and Aston Martin badging. The model has been designed as a convertible to offer seating for an adult and child side by side.

In addition, the vehicle features multiple driving modes, Q style gadgets, a range of up to 80 miles and some secret ‘Easter Eggs’ have been hidden within the car for the lucky owners to find.

The Q style gadgets are controlled by individual controls in a hidden switch panel in the passenger door, at a push of a button, the headlights drop and reveal a twin set of simulated Gatling guns with imitation barrel blasts and flashes.

Furthermore, the DB5 Junior can produce a smoke screen to aid a successful getaway and although it’s not road legal, customers will receive automatic membership of the Aston Martin Members Club and will also be allowed to attend and take part in exclusive events held by the company.

The No Time To Die special edition model will be limited to 125 units only and the price has been set at £90,000 including local taxes.

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