The Aston Martin Vantage stands as a beacon for purist sports cars, shunning electrification for the sheer thrill of driving. For decades, the badge has represented the fusion of high performance with classic touring car aesthetics, designed for both racetracks and roads, and now there is a new one.

The Vantage, a longstanding secret favourite in the racing world, has earned its reputation across numerous touring car races. Amedeo Felisa, CEO of Aston Martin, emphasises the brand’s commitment to performance in its most unadulterated form. The latest model continues to impress with its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, integrating cutting-edge technology into its finely tuned chassis.

Contrasting with the industry’s shift towards electrification, the new Vantage retains its signature configuration. It boasts a Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo 4-litre V8, now enhanced to deliver 489 kW (665 hp) and 800 Nm of torque. This marks a significant increase from its predecessor, offering an additional 155 hp and 115 Nm. The Vantage, adhering to a front mid-engine placement, channels power through an eight-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. It achieves a 0-100 km/h sprint in just 3.4 seconds, topping out at 325 km/h.

The Vantage maintains a 50:50 weight distribution with enhanced torsional rigidity, thanks to its aluminium structure. It features large brakes within its 21-inch wheels for optimal stopping power. A carbon-ceramic braking option is available, reducing unsprung mass by 27 kg and improving handling. The car integrates an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission with an electronic rear differential lock for dynamic driving control.

Subtle yet significant, the Vantage’s design has evolved, now wider by three centimetres, enhancing its formidable presence. A notable 40% increase in the size of the cooling opening improves airflow.

The Vantage also sports a new front bumper, updated splitter, and matrix LED headlights. Inside, it boasts an operating system comprising buttons and a central touch screen, introduced with the DB12 and a significant leap from the old Mercedes-Benz system.

The Vantage offers extensive customisation through Aston Martin’s ‘Q’ personalisation service. This service allows for endless individual adjustments, from minor tweaks to fully bespoke components, all crafted by skilled designers and artisans.

The Aston Martin Vantage stands as a paragon of automotive excellence, skilfully balancing tradition with modern engineering. It offers not just a drive, but an experience, remaining faithful to the heritage of one of the world’s most legendary car brands.

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