Only 6,309 units of the BMW 1M Coupe were made, that may seem like a high number but it is not. In fact, this E82 M coupe is held in high regard within M-Town and has become a highly sort after M car. So when we saw these photos circulating on the internet, we left our Christmas dinner half eaten to find out more.

Our friend Michael Tracy does a good job showing us all the good cars Hong Kong has to offer, he stumbled upon this abandoned BMW 1M Coupe sitting on a very busy street, one that is frequented by cement trucks. Explains why it’s covered in a blanket of dust. This particular street is notorious for abandoned rare cars, some of which are normally linked to a string of repair garages located in this very area.

BMW 1M Coupe Abandoned
Abandoned BMW 1M Coupe

The car definitely went through an accident before ending up here, Michael was not able to trace the owners or anyone with reliable information on why it was sitting there. Most importantly, we could not immediately find out if the car is for sale. One thing for sure, there are numerous BMW lovers out there who would love to get hands on this car as it is, for the sole purpose of getting it back on the road in a better shape. Even our very own car reviewer Zaid would love that, he recently purchased a Valencia Orange BMW 1M Coupe – yes, banana farming has good profits.

Zaid BMW 1M Coupe
Zaid’s BMW 1M Coupe in Valencia Orange

That said, the BMW 1M Coupe needs no introduction. As raw as they come, nothing compared to what you find in a modern BMW M car (fake engine sounds, OPF, AWD etc). It’s fitted with the popular 3.0L N54 twin-turbo straight-6 engine producing 335hp and 450nm of torque, which can jump to 500nm during overboost. Offered with a 6-speed manual only, this RWD coupe is not a boy racer car. Doesn’t take much guessing to realize our case car here ended up in the wrong hands.

Merry Christmas all, and a happy new year!

Photos by Cars of Hong Kong


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