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Video: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid vs Half Built Racetrack

A few weeks ago I headed to Dusseldorf to drive the latest iteration of Porsche Cayenne in Turbo S E-Hybrid guise. Having driven the 676 brake horsepower super-SUV in anger across the border into Belgium, I settled down and talked all things Porsche with the team behind the Cayenne. As per the norm, we exchanged stories of amazing road trips and shared pictures of our adventures.

A gentlemen from the Porsche team then trumped all of our tales with a few images of a Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid drifting on full lock on a race track. Today I can, finally, share the story with you. It is not just a Porsche SUV going quickly around a racetrack, that would be far too mundane. Instead Porsche decide to send the new car to set a lap time on a half built racetrack. While the 3.2-kilometre northern section of the Gotland Ring is already asphalted and in operation, the 4.2-kilometre southern section is still only gravel.

The hybrid SUV ran on used road tyres and was driven by the German racing driver and TV presenter Tim Schrick. Mighty impressive we are sure you will agree and a record that will stand for the rest of time!



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