Driving a Lamborghini in Italy is something special. Local residents, school children and any others passers by stop, stare and smile with glee at the sight of Italy’s prized export. The thing is, Lamborghinis are starting to look a little different since a rather distinct SUV was added to the lineup – the Lamborghini Urus. A few weeks ago Lamborghini invited a few influencers to Matera, Italy, to realize the dream and drive a Lamborghini in Italy.

Matera is an amazing city perched on a rocky outcrop in the region of Basilicata, in southern Italy. The stunning Aquatio Hotel was home for the evening and the morning sunrise illuminated the squadron of Lamborghinis awaiting the narrow streets. As you would imagine, it was quite a spectacle and the jewel in the crown of photography, Philipp Rupprecht, was there to capture every moment.

As the galleries demonstrate, it was an incredible opportunity to put the Urus through it paces on narrow streets, open road and dirt tracks that allowed the super SUV to flex its V8 muscles.

The front-mounted engine produces 641 bhp at 6,800 rpm and 627 lb ft of torque. 0 to 100 km/h happens in just 3.6 seconds and 200 km/h, in 12.8 seconds. The power is routed through an eight-speed automatic box. It uses a torque converter to ensure maximum engine response.

Naturally, the Urus is four-wheel drive. It uses a Torsen self-locking differential. The power is deliverer 40% to the front and 60% to the rear with the ability to shift as much as 70% to the front or 87% to the rear. Torque vectoring and rear-wheel steering also assist with traction.

There is no doubt then that the Urus performs like a Lamborghini should despite its 2,200 kg kerb weight.

We look forward to experiencing such an epic event soon, until then we will absorb the sensational photos from Philipp!


  1. Urus doesn’t even rank near to something of Matera ….. love lambos ( and consecutive owner ) but its like the cheap league of lambo ….. 4×4 or SUV is for the masses ……


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