Restoring old 911s is not anything new, people have, and will continue to do so, for decades to come. The icon lends itself to being tinkered and toyed with. DP Motorsport, based outside Cologne, were given a 1989 911 Targa 3.2 and told to backdate it and make something cool. I am sure you will agree, they nailed the brief.

The tuner has, obviously, shaped the voluptuous lumps that give Speedsters their unique look. Furthermore, there is a F-Model-Body kits dp11F Carrera-Widebody, height-adjustable KW suspension and a power upgrade to 260bhp. Its combination of one inch wider wheel housings, a slightly lowered front bumper, as well as unobstrusively designed side sills that are truly stunning. Apparently there is a lot more to come!

Finished in Nardo Gray with Fuschs style wheels in matte black, the Phantom Speedster is a sight to behold. The original car from 1989 would have looked pretty and dainty in an age where VW Golfs are huge and Minis are far from mini, but the conversation from DP Motorsport has made this one of the most accomplished conversions we have seen.

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