In China, the Bushukan fruit represents happiness, contentment, and long life. The Bushukan Edition Phantom adopts not only the spirit of the fruit but the attractive pale yellow color as well. Exterior improvements include the new front air dam with integrated extensions of the radiator, which give it a bolder, more purposeful look. The additional side skirts, restrained rear lip spoiler, and subtle diffuser continue the theme of restraint from the original Rolls-Royce design.

The bi-turbo V12 has had its control system recalibrated and optimized, and a new sports exhaust system has been added for better sound and free-flowing exhaust. These combine to give the engine a peak 610 hp (449 kW) at 5,100 rpm and awesome 950 Nm of torque at a mere 1,750 rpm. The stylish wheels are larger than standard. The one-piece forged M8 wheels measure 24” tall and are 10” wide to improve accelerating, handling, and braking.

The inside is a literal oasis of luxury. The finest leather and diamond-stitched ornamentation give a luxurious feel. Embellishments on the steering wheel and center console, along with ambient lighting and special illuminated entrances create a particularly exclusive feel.


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