There is a good chance you have seen the teaser that is shown below somewhere on the web during the past week. Lamborghini is scheduled to reveal their take on the super sports car of the future at the EmTech Conference in Boston tomorrow.

Lamborghini are presenting their concept vehicle in collaboration with MIT, the prestigious Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Without a doubt their is electrification involved, as the Italian supercar brand is bound to access Volkswagen Group’s hybrid technologies for performance vehicles.

Sister brand Porsche has recently paved the way and shown how to use hybridization to max out performance on their vehicles, examples being of course the 918 Spyder hypercar but also the recently unveiled Porsche Panamera Turbo S/E Hybrid with 680 horsepower.

The unveiled super sports car of the future will be the first result of the partnership between the Italian supercar brand and MIT. Rumors are that Lamborghini and MIT have been partnering up for a while now, working together on a Lamborghini Huracán hybrid that is due to be revealed in 2022.

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