With the new Mercedes-Benz CLS reveal imminent, more and more details are coming out about the renowned sports coupe. It has now been confirmed that a hybrid Mercedes-AMG CLS model is set for production, where it will be placed around the CLS 63 in terms of performance. The car is expected to make its debut this year November, at the Los Angeles motorshow.

The move for Mercedes-AMG to introduce a hybrid setup is a big step in a new direction. The conversion to cleaner and more sustainable technology is one that Mercedes has been making for a while now. However, to introduce a hybrid setup on the AMG CLS model is certainly noteworthy. The car will use AMG’s 3-litre straight-six engine, as used in 43 other models, in combination with a 50kW electric motor. The lithium ion batteries are expected to be charged in part with the help of regenerative braking technology. The drivetrain will be good for an output of 450hp. This means that the hybrid will have about 100hp less than the current V8 AMG CLS 63 S. Nevertheless, with the hybrid setup the electric torque-filling ability will put the new CLS at top of the list in terms of overall performance.

Mercedes-AMG is at a pivotal point with a few flagship cars set for fast approaching debuts. Alongside the hybrid AMG CLS, Mercedes is also expected to launch the new AMG GT four-door in the very near future. The move to launch another powerful sports coupe initially raised eyebrows with the AMG CLS set for impending release. With the hybrid AMG CLS likely to be the crown jewel of its model range, the AMG GT four-dour is making more and more sense with its twin-turbocharged V8 engine, producing around 800hp.

[Additional info via Autocar]


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