The Porsche 911 will always be the crown jewel of the company’s line-up in terms of development and history. With the most recent 911 type 991 and 991.2 range slowly approaching a close after the 991 GT2 RS’ launch, the company has been hard at work for its successor, the 911 type 992.

In true Porsche-esque fashion the new 911 will be a show of evolution rather than revolution. That does not imply however that the changes for the new model are trivial. In terms of design the car retains is classic silhouette, with most of the visible design cues of the type 992 apparent at the rear, which features a wider spoiler that now spans the width of the car. The taillight has also been reworked into a long LED strip tailing along edges of the rear spoiler. Also on the rear we can spot larger air intakes and exhaust tips that are positioned slightly closer to the centre of the rear bumper. At the front the headlight design has been tweaked slightly as well as the design of the air intakes.

Under the hood it has been rumoured that Porsche is using the modular sports car platform which will easily enable them to upgrade and tune the 911 range to its vast span. The modular platform will also create a gateway for Porsche to introduce hybrid technology for the first time in the esteemed 911. It is expected that the entire 992 range will be turbocharged, including the hallowed Porsche 911 GT3. Reports have also suggested that a seven-speed manual transmission will continue to be offered on entry-level models, but more powerful versions will continue to be offered with the seven-speed PDK dual-cutch automatic. The move to continue the offer of manual gearboxes only makes sense after the extremely lucrative launch of the 911R.


  1. The rear from a distance looks like the old Supra, not crazy about that. Also the sound is so muted, like a covered up Honda fart can. Compare the sound of that Vette that went by and it is like night and day. They need to fix that.


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