Novitec have just revealed the Novitec Tesla Model X, which marks the first time the German tuner refines an all-electric car. The customization program entails several aerodynamic enhancements, a set of hi-tech forged wheels and a carbon-ceramic braking system.

The most obvious add-on at the front of the electric SUV is the contrasting carbon fiber spoiler lip, which can also be finished in the car’s body paint if desired. The distinctive front spoiler reduces lift at the front axle and increases stability at higher speeds. On the side the Model X has been fitted with so-called ‘rocker panels’, which calm the airflow along the sides and bring the SUV visually lower to the ground. Finally a custom rear spoiler completes the styling upgrades.

The new styling kit was carefully sculpted with the help of Novitec’s own on-site wind tunnel. All parts of the new bodykit are constructed out of carbon fiber and boast a naked carbon fiber finish.

King-size 22-inch wheels give the Model X further attitude. They are supplied by the well-known wheel manufacturer Vossen Wheels and were specifically designed to handle the car’s significant weight. The NV2 wheel design has in fact been optimized in such a way that the spokes always turn the right way on each individual axle. This way the complex wheel design leaves enough room for air to get in that cools the brakes, something which is usually a drawback of similarly designed wheels. The impressive looking wheels are available in 72 different colors and can optionally be finished in a polished or brushed look.

Last but not least is the Novitec high performance carbon-ceramic braking system. It comes in two different versions; a base version that features vented rotors sized 380 x 34 millimeters and six-piston fixed calipers for the front axle, and a more advanced version that also sees the rear discs replaced by 360 x 28 millimeter carbon-ceramic rotors and four-piston calipers. Given the enormous weight of the Model X and its impressive performance thanks to Ludicrous mode, carbon-ceramic brakes would be far from superfluous.

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