The BMW M235i, like most cars of its caliber, is a good looking machine in its own right, but really stands apart with some finishing touches. Attention to detail can make all the difference and Manhart is just the right tool for the job. With some beefy and aggressive aesthetic upgrades from the German tuning company, and a set of performance wheels from HRE.

The most notable feature of this ‘pocket rocket’ has to be the bold rear spoiler. On its own it may have looked a bit dubious, but in combination with the extensive body redesign, it belongs right at home. At the front, you’ll find a redesigned spoiler that suits the M235i perfectly together with the larger air intakes and extended front fenders. To complete the overcast color scheme, the front fascia has also been complemented with blacked-out grilles.

The wheel arches have been widened and filled with some superb, 19-inch, satin black, HRE wheels. Both the front and the rear now boast a pair of sleek air intakes and outlets, and give the car an aerodynamic edge. Finally, the rear has been redesigned for a new bumper and integrated diffuser. All in all, the car looks far more aggressive and the body kit and wheels gives the M235i the sporty and aggressive look it deserves!

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