We just received the unfortunate news that a rare Ferrari F40 has burned down during a road trip to collect a brand new LaFerrari Aperta from the factory in Maranello. This isn’t the first time the supercar collector loses one of his masterpieces.

Just a few years ago his rare Lamborghini Miura SV caught fire. There is absolutely nothing left from the iconic supercar and the question of what caused the fire still remains unanswered. Ferrari enthusiasts from FerrariChat suspect the burned down Ferrari bears chassis number ZFFGJ34B000074047, which is quite a rare example. It was the 6th F40 prototype (1987) that turned up for auction by RM Sotheby’s back in 2012.

Photos courtesy of IVG

It was one of the seven F40’s converted to the F40 GT spec by Michelotto and one of the show cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 1987. In 1992 this specific example was sold to an Italian private racer who competed with the F40 in the Supercar GT Series. Following its racing history the car was acquired by an Italian collector in Milan who stuck with the racing livery. Back in 2012 the current owner put in the highest bid in Monaco and put it back into its original color spec.

It’s always a sad sight to see an iconic car like this 1987 Ferrari F40 destroyed. We are curious to find out what exactly caused the fire. In the case of his Miura SV it allegedly were wrongly fitted spark plugs, what do you think?

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