Aston Martin have produced some pretty special cars recently. None more so than the Aston Martin Vulcan; Aston’s track-only limited production weapon. Until now, just one car has been offered for resale. English dealership Dick Lovett have just procured a second example which has been listed with a staggering $3,085,332 price tag!

Dick Lovett’s advert reveals that this particular Vulcan is number 15 of 25, the last customer specified Vulcan produced. The car was delivered to its first owner in August 2016, finished in Ceramic Grey with Blue Accents. Since then, it has travelled just 60 km (mostly at Spa Fancorchamps we believe).

For those that need some reminding of the Aston Martin Vulcan’s pedigree, it was announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 as a technically superior, track-only model for Aston Martin’s wealthiest owners. It features a rear-wheel drive setup with a new Aston Martin 7 litre V12 engine, an aluminium alloy chassis and carbon fibre body work.

The engine delivers around 800 hp and comes fitted with a magnesium torque tube, a carbon fibre propeller shaft, limited-slip differential, Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox and a kerb weight of just 1,350 kg (2,980 lb). It is every inch the racecar!

This particular Aston Martin Vulcan comes complete with three full sets of wheels/tyres including slicks, wets and intermediates. The car is being sold through Dick Lovett’s Bristol dealership.

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