Last week Ferrari managed to piss off a Ferrari collector by not giving him an opportunity to purchase the new LaFerrari Spider, this week it’s a Lamborghini dealer that is in trouble for supposedly ‘selling lies’.

A Grigio Artis Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster from South Africa
A Grigio Artis Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster from South Africa

It concerns a Lamborghini owner in South Africa that was promised the only Aventador SV Coupe in the country by a local Lamborghini dealership in the capital Johannesburg. In fact we dedicated an article to the arrival of the first and only Aventador SV in South Africa earlier this year. Now it appears that the person in question is not the only one in the African country that owns an Aventador SV, and he has taken things next level.

As a well known supercar collector in South Africa and some parts of Asia, he was promised exclusivity to the car but there are now at least two, possibly more SVs driving around in South Africa. Apparently there were only supposed to be two SVs, a Coupe and a Roadster, but the dealership went ahead to import a second Coupe in the same color as the first one. He got so angry about it that he actually put a sticker on his car stating ‘Lamborghini JHB Sells Lies’. He even took it a step further and started a website to vent his feelings named ‘‘.

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  1. Actually he was promised the only coupe in the country. There was originally supposed to be 1 roadster and one coupe however a second coupe has been delivered and it’s in the same colour as the other.

  2. I follow this guy on Instagram he has a epic car line up. He has a crazy car collection in Thailand where I am from. He has a zonda and F12 and the list goes on. The guys one of Asia richest person. He has a yellow SV here in Bangkok also.

    • His lambo in Bangkok isn’t a SV just a normal one. I think this the same guy who go screwed over by the gallery auto in Bangkok. He got the owner of the dealership mom arrested for giving him a bad check. The owner is on the run it was all over the news.

    • Yes this is the person who was rip off by the gallery auto in Bangkok. His collection in Bangkok consist of. Zonda a Lamborgini Versace edition, a Ferrari F12, BMW M6, Bentley, Rolls Royce wraith, Ferrari 430 scud, Ferrari 599 GTO, Ferrari 458 spec, A 675 LT, a Mercedes SLS, Meecders Benz SL65, Ferrari F40, he also had the first P1 ship into Thailand but that car is now no longer here. All this cars are worth more then most rich people homes. Tax in Thailand is crazy. I believe these cars maybe over 20 milllion US dollars. He use to live in a hotel in Bangkok across my work place so I saw these cars often. He was a nice guy had a police escort every where he went. Don’t know what he does for a living I heard different things but he’s very connect from what I have heard and seen but he seem very humble.

  3. This the car belong to big business man in Hong Kong. He drove many cars here. Very nice man to many of the people. Why they cheat him. Sorry for my bad English.

  4. He was promised the only Coupé in South Africa, so 1 Coupé and 1 Roadster were to come to SA, but now a second Coupé (also white) arrived.
    Haha I’m on photo 4, with the green hat

  5. Just a correction here, he was promised the only WHITE SV Coupe in South Africa. Lambo JHB then promptly ordered a second White SV Coupe.

  6. I mean I do get the exclusivity factor for this car and Ja lambo did a bad thing but is it really worth car decals and a dedicated website? Dude needs to chill and enjoy the wheels man.

  7. What size must your ego to be to want a One only car that is a major production vehicle. What a clown!!! Go buy a Ferrari 250 GTO and you still won’t be the only one with one. Astonishing arrogance.

  8. Can’t believe people can be so arrogant. People are starving, homeless and this dude is complaining about stupid things like this. I have yet to meet a humble super owner.

  9. Wtf really cares? So what? Bunch of suck up wannabes commenting about this rubbish in the first place. Went don’t you all rather get lives or jobs and buy your own lambos? Bragging about other people’s cars. MotoRing journalists, shame! No money for their own toys, have to report other people’s

  10. What most of you are focusing on is incorrect.
    This isn’t an issue of arrogance, this is an issue of investment fraud.
    It’s been stated that the owner has an insane collection of super high end cars, obviously they are part of his investment portfolio. He knows how to pick cars that will appreciate over time. He’s lucky enough to be able to invest in something he is passionate about.

    If someone were to sell you an investment (think securities, stocks,bonds) and then you found out that the investment wasn’t worth what was claimed due to the underhandedness of the same people selling you the investment , I think you too would feel slighted. It’s almost the same as insider trading which is a criminal offense.

  11. To be honest if you think about it courts can take forever, but if you can get the press to say your story it could fast track things. How you may ask well that an easy answer. Being a lawyer this would take months maybe years if it was to be done behind close doors. Since he got his story out maybe the factory at lamborghini will see this an press the local dealer to solve it fast. I am sure the factory is wanting this to go away ASAP. Unless the guy is lying the factory may just say guys come on now lets solve this. If he is lying about this then I am sure lamborghini SA would already sued the guy back. just my two cents>


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