The struggle is real for this North-American Ferrari collector whose application for the new LaFerrari Aperta was denied. Limited production cars are bound to disappoint certain collectors and clients, because there simply aren’t enough to hand out. This 85-year old collector however is a tough one and decided to sue Ferrari North America over being denied the opportunity to purchase the open-top version of the hybrid hypercar.

If there is any country on this planet where the chances of a favorable outcome in rather interesting lawsuits is possible, it must be the United States. From spilled McDonald’s coffee to someone that sued Red Bull for not giving him wings, the sky seems to be the limit. This Ferrari collector is giving it a try as well and isn’t holding back either. Instead of just suing Ferrari for not being able to buy a spider to go with the standard LaFerrari he already owns, he went ahead and hopes to pursue a defamation suit.

“The publication of the statement that Preston Henn is not qualified to purchase a LaFerrari Spider is an untrue statement which harms Henn’s reputation and holds him up to ridicule, disrespect and disrepute in his profession, trade, occupation, avocation, and among his friends and business and social associates.” That’s right, the lawsuit is mainly based upon the fact that his reputation in the exclusive Ferrari collector world has been harmed by the fact he was denied a LaFerrari Aperta.

The 85-year old Henn from Fort Lauderdale has been a long-time collector and his absolute top piece is the 275 GTB/C 6885 Speciale, probably the most valuable car in the world as of this moment. To secure ‘his’ Aperta, he e-mailed a $1.000.000 deposit check to Sergio Marchionne himself, an act that apparently wasn’t convincing enough for the Italian supercar brand. While further details of the lawsuit have not been disclosed, rumors are Henn is looking for compensation in excess of $75.000. What do you think, will he succeed?

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