Porsche will not attend the 2017 North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Auto Show. Porsche’s decision comes after the 2016 NAIAS already saw a decline in premium exhibitors with the likes of Maserati and Bentley no longer present. The gaps left behind were partly filled by large American manufacturers but partly also by media partners. In January this year it was clear that the Detroit show is suffering from the decline in manufacturer interest.

It is likely Porsche trades in their presence at the Detroit Auto Show for presence at more consumer oriented shows in New York and Los Angeles. Mercedes-Benz remains committed to the Detroit show, the foreign brand that traditionally brings the most world premieres to Detroit.

The NAIAS is one of the oldest motor shows in the world, known to be the second oldest after Paris Motor Show. Organized with the help of William E. Metzger in 1899, the Detroit Auto Show preceded the New York Auto Show which took place the following year, and was also organized by Metzger.

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  1. Bit of a strange one for Porsche to pull out on a simple sales in Detroit vs Cost to display in Detroit, especially in an age of the Internet. The coverage they would have gotten from how popular the show is on its own, would surely make sense. Seems a bit short sighted for Porsche


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