Today’s Photo Of The Day stars the recently unveiled VUHL 05RR, a more radical version of the ultra lightweight Mexican supercar which has lost 50kg and gained 100 bhp in the process. Here we see it going up the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s hill, event during which it was presented to the world, as photographed by Sam Mayne.

Let’s not forget this vehicle sports a six-speed sequential gearbox, Michelin Cup 2 tires mounted on full carbon fiber wheels, and a larger 2.3l Ford Ecoboost engine producing 385 bhp. All of these, plus the more aggresive aero package, make the 05RR quite a different beast from the normal 05. With a dry weight of only 640 kg, power to weight ratio is calculated to an astonishing 600 bhp/tonne, up in the Hypercar zone.

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