If you are still in the market for an Alfa Romeo 4C, you might want to consider emptying your piggy bank right now as this Autoline report states that the lightweight Italian sports car might not be in production for much longer.

Main cause for the production cancellation seems to be slow sales. This year an absolute low in sales was reached with 309 total units sold. That is a 3% drop compared to the same time last year and it seems to be coherent with the falling sales line on the graph that has been going downwards slowly ever since the 4C was launched.

Another factor playing a role in the likely discontinuation of Alfa Romeo 4C sales is the carbon fiber monocoque that forms the entire backbone of the car. It is quite costly to build and with such disappointing sales a larger scale production to save costs is impossible to achieve. That production of the Alfa 4C will be ceased just seems to be a matter of time, for now the report hints at 2020.

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  1. Another key factor : it isn’t a very good drive vs rivals. Drive this on a twisty mountain road or an open expressway and then a Boxster, Exige and Elise – they beat it on nearly all aspects of feeling, handling and fun

    4C. Good looking vehicle / had potential but delivered poorly. Rather unfortunate as it should be a lot better car based on its visuals. Disappointment


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