Porsche has announced it will recall all 918 Spyder hypercars to perform a precautionary safety check on the vehicle’s seatbelts.

The automaker says the original parts catalog for the 918 Spyder incorrectly swapped the locations for the screws that secure the seat belt mounts and the belt reel mounts. This error may have caused factory workers to accidentally install the screws in the wrong spot.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that, due to the mistake in the catalog, technicians who had to work on those components might have been led to install the wrong screw in the wrong location,” Porsche said in a statement. “In that event, the function of the seat belt system could possibly be impaired in the event of an accident. To prevent this risk, the fastening screws on the seat belt mount and on the belt reel on all 918 Spyder vehicles will be checked.”

If a vehicle is found to have had seatbelt screws installed in the wrong locations, technicians will replace the screws. Porsche says it is treating this is a safety related recall and will thus make prompt contact with all 918 Spyder owners.

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