This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will go down as one of the most impressive in recent memory due in part to the record run of the McLaren P1 LM.

While many of the attendees to the iconic Goodwood festival don’t choose to try and set a meaningful lap time up the hill climb, McLaren took the opportunity this year to blitz the hill climb record. The car they used to achieve this is the brand new McLaren P1 LM driven by race driver Kenny Brack.

The P1 LM features a hybrid powertrain that produce a whopping 990 horsepower that helped propel it to become the fastest road legal car in the history of the Goodwood Festival.

By the time the checkered flag fell, Brack was a staggering 3.37 seconds quicker than any car that had come before. That is an average speed of 134.9 mph.

Check out Brack’s record setting run in the video above. It truly is an epic performance.


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