While the former Top Gear trio’s new Amazon show may still be many months away from hitting the digital airwaves, that hasn’t stopped Jeremy Clarkson from releasing the first official image of the show’s new logo.

The move to release the logo in a official capacity was likely precipitated by an online leak of the logo’s trademark filing last week. The logo was first leaked by Reddit users on the subreddit dedicated to The Grand Tour.

The logo for The Grand Tour has received overall positive reviews, with many citing the fact that they like the retro 80s style vibe that it represents. As always, the release of the logo has reignited internet rumors that the name The Grand Tour (TGT) really refers to Top Gear Two or some other such slight towards the trios former show. We’ll leave the rumors and speculation up to the internet.

For us, we love the logo and can’t wait for The Grand Tour to premiere this fall on Amazon Prime. You could say it will be the biggest premiere…. in the world!


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