The Parco Valentino Motor Show is one of Italy’s premiere motoring shows featuring cars from some of the automotive worlds most prestigious brands.

This year, 43 car companies will in attendance and the organizers expect over 500,000 spectators to attend. The show takes place in the beautiful setting of Parco del Valentino, along the same boulevards which saw legendary champions racing at Formula 1 Gran Premio del Valentino until 1955.

Different than other autoshows, the Parco Valentino Show offers each manufacturer up to 4 open-air stands in which they can display any car of their choosing.

In previous years, some of the notable cars included the Ferrari FXXK, Pagani Zonda R and Aventador SV among many others.

The second edition of the Parco Valentino Motor Show will take place in Turin from June, 8th to June, 12th 2016 and it proved to be the event dedicated to the latest cars exhibited by the Brands.


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