The Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the most capable mid-engined cars ever produced by the engineers at Maranello.

However, what if you want your 488 to go just that little bit faster? Well, according to Powerhaus Performance, that little bit of extra “go-fast” may be attainable through nothing more than an ECU tune.

Powerhaus recently took a 488 GTB through the paces on their dyno after completing a custom bench flash of the ECU. The result was an increase of 80 horsepower over the standard car! For a thoroughbred car like a Ferrari, aftermarket measurable increases in power usually come from physical changes/additions to the engine and exhaust system. Mods such as free flowing exhausts and turbo systems are all popular ways to increase power on exotics.

So, an increase of 80 horsepower from nothing more than a few lines of code is impressive to say the least.

The Powerhaus Ferrari is sitting on 20″/21″ Strasse Forged wheels, JRZ coilovers and lowering springs.

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