Cars and Coffee events have become popular the last few years. While there are already a few events in Detroit, Fiat-Chrysler design guru and driver extraordinaire Ralph Gilles decided that an event at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum could quickly reach epic proportions, especially with the weight and backing of FCA.

He was right. On Saturday, May 7th, the Museum quickly filled up to capacity with every manner of automotive awesomeness. Being a Fiat-Chrysler event, it was no surprise that Vipers, Chargers, and Challengers were prevalent. Several Ferraris showed up. Corvettes were also popular, as well as all manner of 1960’s and 1970’s muscle cars. Even a McLaren 675LT showed up.

Classics were everywhere. And FCA, knowing how to throw a proper party, opened up the vaults and brought some historical concepts along. The 1963 Turbine Car, powered by a jet turbine instead of a piston engine, was present. It drove around the parking lot periodically, sounding like an big vacuum cleaner. Several Jeep concepts and SEMA Dodge’s were present. It was a car enthusiasts perfect Saturday morning. FCA’s Design Team plans to hold their event on the first Saturday of every month this summer at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Anyone can attend and the coffee is on FCA.

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