The rumor mill is swirling with the possibility that Jaguar may be developing a successor to the F-Type Project 7.

The Project 7 was developed as an extremely limited production car meant to grab headlines and boost the image of the Jaguar brand. The car was a heavily modified V8 powered version of the F-Type.

Jaguar produced just 250 examples of the Project 7 and all 250 examples have been sold.

Now, a new version of the Project 7 could be on the cards. Design director Ian Callum reportedly said that Jaguar has thought about the possibility of producing a successor to the Project 7. How seriously they have thought about it, however, remains a mystery.

While the possibility of a new Project 7 being developed in the future remains open, currently SVO claims to only be interested in producing larger, production run cars.

We will keep you updated as we hear more news regarding the potential successor to the Project 7.

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