Brabus has officially unveiled one of their most insane models to date – the Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe.

The Rocket 900 starts life as a stock Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe before being transformed by Brabus into their most powerful car the company has ever produced. The Rocket packs a whopping 900 hp and 1,500 nM of torque and features a top speed of over 350 km/h.

Brabus Rocket 900 Coupe (2)

As you would imagine, the Rocket’s acceleration is suitably mental. Owners can expect to get to 60 mph from standstill in just 3.7 seconds. And as we mentioned before, on to a top speed of over 350 km/h.

In order to achieve such impressive horsepower figures, Brabus removed the turbochargers that come standard with the S 65 and replaced them with a set of their own. They also increased displacement from 6.0 liters to 6.3 liters. Additional engine work also includes new forged pistons, billet crankshaft and balanced piston rods.

A new, proprietary rear differential has also been fitted.

Brabus has not released pricing detail yet, but expect the car to demand a significant premium over the standard S 65 AMG. Brabus will offer the car as a complete package or as a package where you bring them your S 65 and have it modified.

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