The 2018 BMW Z5 has been caught on video for the first time as it undergoes development work.

The video captures the upcoming Z5 as it undergoes testing in the frigid winter conditions somewhere in Europe. While we can’t tell much about the new car due to the camouflage wrap job, we can discern a few basic details.

We can immediately see that the Z5 is a larger car proportionally than the Z4. The Z5 is wider and features a noticeably longer wheelbase compared to BMW’s past roadsters. Also of note is the inclusion of a soft top convertible roof as opposed to the hard top roof used on the current Z4. BMW has yet to confirm whether or not the Z5 will use a traditional “rag top” or stick with the hard top used in recent models.

The BMW Z5 will be sharing the same chassis underpinnings with the upcoming Toyota sports car. The Z5 and Toyota sports car will be the first two cars to be developed from the joint partnership between the two brands.

Check out the video and gallery for a better look at the Z5 as it undergoes testing.

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