It’s back! Japans stretched Ferrari F40 replica is back up for sale. We original wrote about this particular “F40” back in December 2010, and now, we have the opportunity agin. Yay!

The Ferrari F40 is arguable one of the purist sports car ever created, but unfortunately we can’t say the same this creation. Whilst a Ferrari F40 is a 2 door, mid-engined, 3ltr twin-turbo 471hp icon, this one of a kind stretch limo is not in the same league. Described in the advert as a three door, but showing five doors in the pictures, it was originally converted from a mk1 Toyota MR2 into what is known as a EVA-E20. Unfortunately during both the original modification process, and the stretching process, the engine was left alone meaning it still has a 1.6ltr petrol engine mounted in the rear.

Inside, we have four leather bucket seats, a CD changer, air conditioning, power steering and windows! It also features keyless entry, sunroof, ABS, an anti-theft system and rides on 19 inch wheels.

Interestingly, this car was once subject of a law suit from Ferrari.

If your interested in purchasing this unique car, its available on POA



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