Overkill Ferrari F40 Stretched Limousine From Japan

The Ferrari F40 is one of the best and most purist sports car ever created. So why couldn’t someone create a stretched limousine resembling this epic piece of engineering?

That is exactly what a person in Japan thought when he created this Ferrari F40 Stretch Limousine. Oh, and the car is even for sale at an astonishing asking price of ¥ 580 ($ 6.90) – which is either a misprint or how much confidence the seller has in this vehicle’s worth.

The vehicle comes with a CD changer, air conditioning, power steering and windows, keyless entry, sunroof, ABS, an anti-theft system, 19 inch wheels and leather bucket seats. The stretched ‘sports’ car is powered by a 1.6 liter engine.

Somewhere on this Japanese website it’s for sale.

Overkill Ferrari F40 Stretched Limousine From Japan 01

Overkill Ferrari F40 Stretched Limousine From Japan 02

[Via Carscoop]


  1. Taking one of the greatest cars ever built and diminishing it to a cheap replica and a limo- sacrilege. Defeats the purpose of an ultra light supercar- Enzo Ferrari’s Legacy tarnished by a cheap imitation.

  2. Mk1 Mr2 centre console, in fact the rear inside window and drivers door looks like it’s off a mr2 aswell, 1.6 engine hmmmmmmm I think someone has just ruined perfectly good mk1 mr2 and tunrned it into this god aweful thinge wwwwwyyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!!!


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