According to our sources, Gumpert has been acquired by a group consisting of clients from SPS Automotive Performance, the latter being an exotic car workshop in Hong Kong. This comes as a stunning turnaround for Gumpert which went bankrupt in 2013 after an unnamed investor backed out of the deal to save the company.

One can expect Gumpert to be present at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 but it’s uncertain if a new car will be launched by the company at the motorshow. Gumpert has only sold the ferocious Apollo in the market so far. It became the fastest car around the Top Gear track after it was reviewed in 2008 but seven cars have beaten that time since then.

Gumpert showcased the Tornate Concept Car and the Explosion supercar after the Apollo but none of them went into full-fledge production owing to lack of funds. Hopefully, the two projects can go forward now that Gumpert has new owners.

It’s not easy to be a supercar manufacturer today considering the heavy competition and the ludicrous amount of money that goes into research, development and production. Even though the Apollo did well in the market, Gumpert struggled to rake in the profits and its new owners will need a strong blueprint so that the brand can have a sustainable future.


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