Footage has just surfaced online showing the moment that an 800 hp C6 Chevrolet Corvette crashed in the midst of a high-speed street race in the United States.

Filmed from onboard the Corvette which crashed, the video shows it racing another modified Corvette on a motorway in the U.S. As the cars approach speeds of 250 km/h, they hit a small bump in the road which momentarily lifts both of the cars up into the air, massively unsettling them.

While the Corvette being filmed managed to regain traction, the driver of the filming Corvette is unable to regain control after the bump. They immediately begin to fishtail before smashing into the concrete barrier on the road at 241 km/h.

The camera cuts out almost immediately but just 30 seconds after the crash, the Corvette caught fire and was destroyed before fire crews could get to the scene. Thankfully, both the driver and front seat passenger escaped without injury.

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  1. As a dad with kids, I wished these morons died so they wouldn’t have the chance to endanger anyone with their utter stupidity. Complete fools.


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