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Aston Martin F1 Renders Emerge

Aston Martin F1 car 2016 render

Fresh renders have emerged showing how the Aston Martin F1 team and car would look like should the Force India – Aston Martin rebranding deal go through successfully.

Aston Martin F1

The deal will see Force India rebranded by Aston Martin as well as sharing of technology between the F1 car and Aston Martin road cars. Force India boss Vijay Mallya believes that Aston Martin has proper reputation enough to boost the F1 team to the right direction.

Since taking over Spyker F1 and rebranding it to Force India in 2007, the team has performed remarkably well over the years including the fifth place finish in the 2015 Formula 1 championship – their best so far.

Aston Martin has been planning a comeback to F1 through various teams such as Red Bull and Williams before settling on Force India. Mercedes is the current engine supplier for Force India, they also own 5% of Aston Martin.



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