Video: Ferrari LaFerrari Crashing in Budapest Clip Emerges

Not long after images surfaced online of a Ferrari LaFerrari that crashed in Budapest, a video showing the moment of the crash has been posted on YouTube.

Previously, it wasn’t known what exactly caused the crash but the following video shows that it was driving error on the part of the LaFerrari owner. As shown in the exceptionally poor quality video, the Italian hybrid hypercar can be seen accelerating while trying to move between three cars on a six-lane road.

After pinning the throttle with the driver aids disabled, the rear of the LaFerrari kicks out and then panic on the part of the driver kicks in. Rather than smoothly lifting off the throttle, it appears as though the driver suddenly lifts from the accelerator before over-correcting the small tail wobble.

The million-dollar Ferrari can then be seen sliding across traffic before crashing into four parked cars on the side of the road. Fortunately, the damage suffered by the LaFerrari isn’t too significant.


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